Rochelle Bradford on Latina Identity, Career and Feeling In-Between | Ep. 1

Episode Summary

Latina South host Adela Yelton welcomes Rochelle Bradford. They talk about her Latina identity, feeling in-between, and being a woman in science.

Episode Notes

"Just be yourself, whatever that is. Your authentic self is whoever you are. No one gets to choose that, and no one gets to define that but you." - Dr. Rochelle Bradford

Dr. Rochelle Bradford is an accomplished scientist, inventor and project management professional with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Georgia Tech. Originally from the Boston area, Rochelle enjoys both a diverse social life in the South and being a Mom to teenaged twins.

  • Adela asks: Are you Latina? Rochelle talks about her identity, culture and feeling ‘in-between.’ (1:16)

  • Combining things and making them her own, Rochelle describes her rice recipe, and living in the South (7:47)

  • Being a woman in science, being in the room where it happens (aka Hidden Figures), NOT being the note-taker (10:55)

  • Adela and Rochelle discuss finding career support and ‘why don’t we talk about salary’ and other things (20:48)

  • Rochelle for President? The closet, and always having to do more (25:05)

  • Parting words of wisdom and being your authentic self (30:26)

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