Mayte Peck on Pandemic, Pottery, and her Peruvian roots | Ep. 2

Episode Summary

Latina South host Adela Yelton welcomes Mayte Peck, a successful entrepreneur and nonprofit board leader. They talk about Mayte's Peruvian roots, her North Georgia pottery business, and how she combines the best of both.

Episode Notes

"Leadership starts at home. You don't have to have a big corporate position to be a don't have to have a master's degree to be a leader. You can be a leader in your own community. Find your purpose in life...find your why and your life will be so much happier." - Mayte Peck

Mayte Peck is an entrepreneur and owner of Mark of the Potter, a North Georgia pottery business. She previously owned local Atlanta favorite Peruvian restaurant, Sweet Devil Moon Cafe. A passionate advocate of women and minority-owned businesses, service is a part of her life as Board Chair for the nonprofit Latino Community Fund of Georgia.

Ep. 2: Show Notes

  • Adela asks: How has the pandemic impacted you? Mayte on virtual learning at home, missing family hugs, and how she finds balance (1:20)

  • Mayte teaches us about her North Georgia pottery business and its connection to nature. Mark of the Potter (who is this Mark?), moonshine highway, and face jugs (7:40)

  • We hear about Mayte's Peruvian background, adjustments, spirituality and finding her way (13:31)

  • Mayte discusses the strategy and legacy of Sweet Devil Moon Café, and her favorite Peruvian dishes (21:00)

  • Mayte talks about how service is now a big part of her life and how she gives back (27:24)

  • Parting words of wisdom, find your why (33:12)

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