Laura Murvartian on Making Memories and Helping Talented Latinas Realize their Dreams | Ep. 5

Episode Summary

About our guest: Laura Murvartian is making good things happen in her family as the Chief Memory Maker, a role she approaches with great intention and gratitude. With over 20 years of business negotiation experience, she puts her skills to work helping talented women realize their dreams. She’s Mexican and part Armenian, and as a Latina, she tells us about what she likes and doesn’t like about living in Atlanta.

Episode Notes

“Once you feel that calling to do something, don’t shove it aside. Follow it, and don’t have regrets that you didn’t pursue that.” – Laura Murvartian

Adela asks, “What goes into making memories?” Laura talks about being intentional about having amazing experiences together, even if it means waking up her family while traveling to watch a meteor shower. It’s also about prioritizing experiences over material things and comfort. Laura shares her favorite experiences and memories, including a very special one where she got to share her Latino traditions with her diverse family. And also enjoying the gratitude that comes from others when they talk about the experiences she helped create (1:42) Laura talks more about her Latina background being Mexican-Armenian and growing up in Minnesota. She describes becoming woke about Latino culture in graduate school and the summer before and welcoming it. Laura describes the path that led her to the South and Atlanta. (8:17) Laura keeps it real about what she likes about living in the South – being surrounded by civil rights history and the close proximity to many types of topography – and what she doesn’t like. One of the challenges is having humanistic and atheist beliefs when Christianity can be such a big part of Southern culture (13:13) Adela asks, “What goes into helping people realize their dreams.” She uses her years of business and negotiation skills to help talented women achieve success, like artist Yehimi Cambron. She focuses on the business tools so that they can focus on their talent. Laura talks more about her path to developing her mad negotiation skills and how it led her to the wine business. (18:03) Laura talks more about wine – buying it and recommends a good Bordeaux for those who have a taste for red blends. And let’s not forget, Laura also writes songs! She talks more about music and the powerful moments of collaborating with other women. We also learn about what inspired her to write the lyrics to, Fearless Woman you can find the song and more from CLM music here. (23:35) Laura imparts her words of wisdom which include “Once you feel that calling to do something, don’t shove it aside. Follow it, and don’t have regrets that you didn’t pursue that.” (33:34) Thank you! The best way to support Latina South podcast is to listen, share with a friend, subscribe, rate and leave a review wherever you listen. And support us on Patreon!