Audra Agen on her Podcast, Hispanic Heritage, and living in the South(west) | Ep. 4

Episode Summary

Host Adela Yelton welcomes Audra Agen. An award-winning sales professional, Audra created 'Women in the Arena' podcast which celebrates women doing extraordinary things in plain sight. Audra is Latina and she lives in the South(west). Let’s listen as she shares with us how the entrepreneurial spirit of her Sonoran grandmother, and being the descendant of a Spanish explorer, both influenced her to create her podcast.

Episode Notes

“If it’s something that you want, then you just go and do it. Don’t let anybody or anything stop you or talk you out of it…even if that’s YOU.” - Audra Agen, inspired by her grandmother.

(1:35) Audra shares her vision for Women in the Arena podcast, to create a platform for women get the recognition they deserve and appreciate their value

(3:25) Adela asks: Why Podcasting? Audra explains how she became an accidental podcaster. She describes her sales approach in the 'corporatey-corporate-corporate-world' and how that translates into her podcast interviews

(7:34) Audra’s advice if you are thinking about starting a podcast: ‘just do it’; and how does she finds guests for her show

(11:40) Her feisty, fierce entrepreneurial spirit comes from the wonderful women in her life, like her Sonoran grandmother. She shares more about her Hispanic Heritage and being a descendant of explorer Juan Bautista Francisco de Anza and his ties to the founding of the City of San Francisco.

(19:84) More on her Latina identity, her Hispanic Heritage and some challenges

(21:00) Audra describes living in the South-west and feeling free in the desert and mountains – it’s like being surrounded by an ‘environmental hug.’

(24:30) On her welcoming experience as a college student in Guadalajara, Mexico and how she continues to share the pride of her Hispanic culture with her husband and children

(29:48) Audra shares with us the best way to support her podcast: (1) listen and share and (2) refer amazing women for her to interview

(31:00) Words of wisdom: listen to that quiet urging and dare to try. If it fails, so what. Try again. Bet on yourself!

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